Personal Leasing

We borrow qualified staff when required.

In our industry there are unfortunately some companies which do not or only partially follow the rules and laws. It occurs quite often that consciously forged or defective EUR pallets and EUR box pallets are brought into circulation. A circumstance, that can cause high costs to you as an enterprise. However, you can avoid these costs when relying on our assistance – we provide qualified staff that takes care of your charge carriers.

Our trained staff is in charge of your incoming and outgoing goods and attaches great importance to the thorough control of the containers. The objective is to recognize and complain forged charge carriers and to take them out of traffic. While doing this we consider the strict exchange criteria of the EPAL.

In addition, we attach great importance to partnership and openness in our cooperation. In order to guarantee protruding results, we examine the quality of work of our employees regularly. Additionally, we train our employees once weekly, even during their assignment at your facilities, so that they get the opportunity to develop even further as to returnable euro pallets and lattice boxes.

Do you need quick and flexible personnel for an effective short or long-term employment? Do you need any more information? Would you give us the chance to display all possible ways of cooperation to you in a face-to-face appointment? Then contact us without obligation. We look forward to your call!