We accomplish a clean process.

The requirements of clean KLT containers increase continuously. Even the smallest particle of dirt can damage the contained products and thus cause malfunctions, therefore there exist strict requirements regarding cleanliness and flawless condition. And since it isn't possible to completely avoid the contamination of the containers, it is necessary to clean them after each transport.

That is why your containers are in good hands while located at our facilities: We clean your KLT cointainers with exclusively modern procedures and technologies and always consider your demands.

Thanks to particularly developed washing plants we are able to clean re-usable packaging of large KLT cointainers economically. Besides, we are also specialized in cleaning your KLT cointainers cover panel, KLT cointainers protection panel and plastic pallets, plus every kind of plastic carrier, deep-drawing foil, hollow chamber bar plates, trays and spans professionally.

Through permanent electronic control of all phases of the cleaning and drying processes, optimal results are ensured. Adjustments to new container types and special contamination conditions do not cause difficulties for us.

We don't only clean your products carefully, but also offer you the complete handling from the cleaning to the allocation – and thus provide the conditions for a proper transport.