We abide by the guidelines.

EUR box pallets are used in different industrial sectors, because they are extremely durable and can be reused many times. However, they experience some abrasion after each circulation (usually through pallet carriers and irregular weight distribution) and eventually cannot be exchanged any further.

Therefore, defective EUR box pallets, which do not correspond with the conditions given in the exchange criteria, must be sorted out for safety reasons and repaired in a licensed and specialized enterprise like ours.

With this process, it is important to consider that the repair is possible only with a license of the EPAL, and only parts in accordance with UIC 435-3 and UIC 435-4 may be used. In addition, the overhauled EUR box pallets must feature the same technical characteristics as the new ones.

We, as a certified repair shop of the EPAL, reconstruct your EUR box pallets on modern manufacturing plants, paint them according to regulations with RAL-7030 and finally return them into the economic circulation. And luckily, by doing this, we contribute to protecting the environment.

You should know, that only quality-examined EUR box pallets receive the badge with the EPAL-quality sign after the repair. A repair without permission by the EPAL will be legally pursued.

Our special service: We repair any other kind of steel container as well as industrial box pallets beside the usual EUR box pallets and paint them in the desired RAL-colour.