We master large delivery volumes and tight plans easily.

In the meantime, numerous companies entrust their storage facilities and their charge means to a contractor. With good reason: Through outsourcing greater flexibility and minimization of costs in the own company can be achieved.

We are aware of the problem of limited storage capacities and thus offer you to store your charge carrier at our location. On our premises we have available storage spaces that are set up with modern equipment, which allow you to easily accommodate your charge carriers according to the guidelines.

Even considering these operations we adapt to the needs of the customer and its priorities. Thus we provide custom-made solutions. The principle is very simple: You receive a storage area from us, which you can access at any time. The costs are computed on a daily basis at fair prices.

Besides, we take over the storage, outer packaging, commissioning and also the transport to your production plants for you in a professional manner.

With our EDV-supported management system we attend the inventory maintenance of your products at entrance and exit.

You are not resident in our region, but you want to instruct us as your logistics partner? No problem! We are continuously expanding and value the proximity to our customers. For that reason we are willing to hire industrial sites and storage areas also in your region in order to locally render our services to you. Don’t hesistate to contact us – we would like to find a logistic solution for you, too!

Our logistic solutions:

Receipt, sorting, conditioning, storage, outsourcing and supply of factories
Internal and external transport
Handling (loading, unloading and transshipping)
Aggregation of functional units
Product testing and handling
Stock-keeping / inventory management
Storage / order picking
Monitoring and regulation of production flow
Coordination of processes